The hottest Nordic fashion trends

If you have visited the Nordic countries, you know that it is a mixture of fashion cultures with many clothing styles.

Minimalist, chic looks that first caught the world’s eyes to the edgy, eclectic streetwear that has captivated the crowds at the latest fashion shows.

But there are some notable fashion trends that the Nordics do so well, which have become synonymous with the region:

Less is often more

No one does this better than the Nordic countries. They are masters at achieving a solid and unmistakable fashion identity with the help of minimalist garments.

Whether it’s a simple coat, paired with some black tights and a blouse, or a casual dress with a small statement accessory – this chic and modern fashion trend usually results in a slightly relaxed look.

When it comes to color, this trend is a monochromatic outfit. Dark gray and black are popular, but white, beige, and pastel colors are also popular. The use of layers can also add a subtle depth and complexity to the outfit, which is excellent in cold weather.

That less is more is the trend that made the Nordic designers famous in the world fashion scenario. Do not think that this toned-down look is all they have to offer.

Outfits that are odd, playful, and bold

Maybe it seems in strong contrast to the last fashion tip, but that’s the beauty of the northerners – they do not force themselves into a box when it comes to fashion. They celebrate their different tastes and styles and are happy to try new things.

During the warmer months, you can see some bright colors, eccentric patterns, and odd combinations. Still, the colder weather makes it harder to make your playful side visible, especially when you’re crouched in a coat most of the time.

But this does not stop the nordic people who have learned that it is not diamonds, but helpers, who are a girl’s best friend. High-energy scarves, earrings, bags, or shoes can light up the coldest weather and change the season to suit your mood.

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